Affordable has an unmatched academic program, offering several degrees. You can find the 100's of subject which suits you best to have your bright future. You can Simply Search our college website and on quick search section search for popular degree programs with their benefits.
Many different types of scholarships are available to minorities. These scholarships can be used as a supplement to financial aid or to assist students who are not eligible for federal or state financial aid. Minorities can receive more than one scholarship, so it may be worthwhile to investigate the different organizations having scholarships available.

Why Choose Us?

We provide students with a clear pathway to the Education Degree program. Our pathway programs are designed to provide you with the skills and the knowledge essential for university study and working life. Choosing us will help you reach your full potential and attain the skills to move forward in your career no matter what path you choose.


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Computer IT

Criminal Justice

Culinary Arts

Education & Teaching

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liberal Arts

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