Criminal Justice Schools & Classes

If you are interested in a degree that will allow you to develop a very successful career while providing a valuable service for your community, or your country, you should strongly consider some criminal justice classes. A degree in criminal justice can be the beginning of a huge number of careers; it all depends on the aspect of the justice system in which you are interested. There are many different career paths, and with the right education, plenty of opportunities for advancement.

If you are interested in the safety of your local community, and representing justice throughout your town, local law enforcement careers can be pursued through a criminal justice degree. You can become a police officer, sheriff, deputy, or a park ranger within your community. Local law enforcement officers protect the community and are role models for the towns in which they serve. As a law enforcement officer, you would ensure that everyone is safe, happy, and protected under the law.

If you are interested in enforcing law on a grander scale, you can use your criminal justice degree to pursue a career in federal law enforcement. This includes careers such as FBI agent, DEA agent, CIA agent, air marshal or many more. Federal law enforcement officers lead exciting careers with large responsibilities such as overseeing homeland security related tasks. With larger responsibility come larger rewards and a better income.

There are so many fields encompassed by criminal justice that it would take too long to adequately describe all of them here. There are forensic careers, such as crime scene investigating, or more legal related careers, such as judges, bailiffs, or defense attorneys. Or, you could pursue criminal justice in the private sector and become a bounty hunger or a private investigator. A degree in criminal justice would start you on the path needed to specialize in one of a large number of occupations, depending on what you feel most passionately about.

When pursuing a criminal justice degree, you will become well versed in a number of areas that will help you throughout your new career. Criminal justice professionals need to have a broad knowledge of the world around them in order to handle a wide range of scenarios. When pursuing the degree, you will study, business, ethics, conflict resolution, communication, law, criminology, victim advocacy, management, and many more subjects.

It is important that our law enforcement personnel are well educated, as they shape and protect our society. This is why most all criminal justice related job positions require a degree. However, once you have completed your education in criminal justice, there are so many occupations available, that with a degree, you should have no trouble finding a position that suits your passions and your skills. Cities across the nation need educated and capable criminal justice graduates.

After completing a criminal justice degree, there are plenty of fields to explore and room for advancement. A criminal justice degree is an excellent way to open the door to new job opportunities or advance your career if you are already in a related position. Criminal justice professionals are known for being healthy, strong, and of good character. By going back to school and receiving a criminal justice degree, you can rise to the top of this reputable industry. Finding a criminal justice education program is now easier thanks to the schools below. Find programs that you can take online or choose a campus based location.

Top Criminal Justice School

  • Northwestern College

    For over 110 years, Northwestern College has been proud to help students like you succeed.


    > Criminal Justice – NC Online
    > Paralegal (Hybrid) – NC Online

  • Carrington College

    Welcome to Carrington College – The Starting Point for Health Care Careers.


    > Criminal Justice

  • UEI College

    At UEI College, we want you to succeed. We’re like a family and we want you to be a part of it.


    >Criminal Justice

  • Berkeley College

    The Berkeley Advantage®is part of a proven approach to career-focused education that can help students prepare for success.


    > AAS in Justice Studies – Criminal Justice
    > BS in Justice Studies – Criminal Justice
    > AAS, Legal Studies
    > BS, Legal Studies

  • University of Phoenix

    At University of Phoenix, we believe everyone deserves access to higher education.


    > A.A. in Criminal Justice
    > B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration
    > M.S. in Administration of Justice and Security
    > M.S. in Administration of Justice and Security/Law Enforcement Organizations
    > MM.S. in Administration of Justice and security/Global Homeland Security

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