Animation Degrees & Programs

Animation is a platform which requires a devoted eye for elements and an aptitude for artistic ability. Today, TV channels bring awesome animation into our homes & the film industry is bringing out fantastic films every week. Animation industry is expanding day by day. Such a huge & growing industry requires thousands of skilled, trained people to work in animation studios, ad film & VFX companies, video processing & editing studios, and others.

To prepare you for a well-paying career we have all the information listed below which would help you in finding best and affordable program for yourself.

Required Skills

Animation is an art which comes from within self. For one, you need to have captivating artistic ability. Foundation of animation is basic artistic skills; if you possess such captivating skills you can conquer this industry. Your ability to think outside of the box and draw the nitty-gritty for characters is imperative in this industry.

You can even weave your fantasies and can present them in realty. You can show your vision to outside world and your imaginations can turning live.

Creativity is infinite & your Animation is the only funnel to it.

Animation Degree programs

There are numerous courses and programs are available depending on where you are engaged and in which field specialize in. Variety of computer software is available to turn your dream in to realty including Maya, Flash, and Light Wave.

As an animator, you'll be in charge of animating objects, sets, and certain backgrounds. You will help define characters as well as incorporate those into each frame of whatever projects you are doing.

There are lots of colleges which are even offering scholarships for college students who excel in this art of animation

Animation Online

In order to become more valuable to animation companies, you should receive formal training in the animating software programs you will be using. For people with lower income there are special scholarships which are offered by limited institutes.

Top Doctorate Schools

  • Virginia College

    Set your career in motion at Virginia College


    > BAC – 3D Imaging & Animation

  • Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

    Work towards your degree online with Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design


    > Bachelor of Fine Arts – Animation
    > BFA – Animation (2D)
    > BFA – Animation (3D)
    > Bachelor Of Fine Arts – Illustration
    > BFA – Game Art

  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division

    Helping creative minds bring their ideas to life


    > Character Animation for Games(C)
    > 3D Modeling for Games(C)
    > Graphic Design(BS)
    > Graphic Design(AS)
    > Game Art & Design(BS)

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