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Finding online art programs can be tricky business. First, there's defining "art" : graphic arts, fine arts, liberal arts and performing arts. So many choices and so many things to think about. Second, there's identifying which schools have affordable online programs in the field, and which programs make the most sense for you. The following page highlights some of today's top colleges and universities with quality degree programs in multiple arts disciplines, and provides an in-depth guide for anyone looking to learn more about higher education in these diverse fields.

Graphic Design Certificate programs

Graphic Design is a great college major to consider pursuing at an online school because most of your classes will involve using computers and the internet. Distance education allows you to become more familiar with computers and to heighten your technical skills as you apply your creativity to projects in print, multimedia, web, and other design projects. The trouble with so many schools today, however, is that their tuition costs are increasingly unaffordable. Distance education options are often better, but even then a degree is sometimes out of reach for students.

To help you make the best choice for you, a list has been compiled for the most affordable online Graphic Design degree programs. The process included first researching all of the accredited Graphic Design programs in the country that:

1) Offer certified programs

2) Can be taken entirely online.

This foundation was then used as a basis for establishing the institutes with the lowest tuition rates. But fear not - these institutes are of great quality, too. Read on to discover which one will help you kick start your career in Graphic Design.

Top Graphic Design Schools

  • New England Institute of Technology

    New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, co-educational technical college offering over 30 Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs.


    > Bachelor of Science in Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design

  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division

    Helping creative minds bring their ideas to life.


    > Graphic Design (BS)
    > Graphic Design (AS)
    > Web Design & Interactive Media (AS)
    > Game Art & Design (BS)
    > Character Animation for Games (C)

  • Sanford-Brown College

    Sanford-Brown can help prepare you for a rewarding career in health and dental care, business, paralegal, criminal justice, Design & Media Arts or information technology.


    > Associate of Science in Graphic Design
    > Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

  • DeVry University

    Five colleges of study. One clear focus: Your career success.
    Earn the respect of employers with a degree you can earn on campus, online or both.


    > Associate – Web Graphic Design
    > Bachelor’s – Multimedia Design and Development

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