Desktop Publishing Courses & Certificate Schools

Desktop publishing software is a tool for graphic designers and non-designers to create visual communications(brochures, business cards, greeting cards, Web pages, posters, etc.) for professional or desktop printing as well as for online or on-screen electronic publishing.

Programs such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, Serif PagePlus, and Scribus are examples of desktop publishing software. Some of these are used more by graphic designers. Others are used more by office workers, teachers, students, small business owners, and non-designers.

Desktop Publishing Schools

Desktop publishing is the use of computer software to design page layouts and create written and visual documents for publication. There are college majors, institutes schools who award certificates or associate's degrees in desktop publishing. Some programs are standalone, but desktop publishing can also be taught within communications, media studies or graphic design programs. Students of these programs will learn about layout techniques, typography, publishing software and text design. Those seeking a 2-year degree will typically be awarded an Associate in Applied Science. People with knowledge of desktop publishing can work in fields like technical writing, creative writing, graphic design and typography.

Top Desktop Publishing School

  • New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Omaha

    New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has grown to become the largest independent IT training company worldwide. We offer more courses, at more times and in more locations than any other company in the computer training industry.


    > Adobe Photoshop
    > Quark
    > Adobe

  • The Art Institutes system of schools

    With an education from an Art Institutes school, imagine what you could create.

    Please Call 855-816-4001 FREE to speak to a customer representative.


    > Design Research (BFA)

  • Platt College

    Turn your talents into a career at nationally recognized and accredited Platt College.


    > Visual Communication Interactive/Web Specialization
    > Visual Communications 2D Print
    > Visual Communication 3D Animation/Video Specialization

  • Broadview University

    BEAU was founded on the belief that everyone in the industry¬ófrom artists to technicians to producers¬ócan and should build off one another’s talents. At BEAU, you’ll be a part of a culture of creativity where ideas have a fertile ground to grow and adapt to changes in the industry and trends in the scene. Whether your focus is fine arts, production arts or the business side of the industry, BEAU programs are designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to see the bigger picture.


    > Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design

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