Jewelry Design School & Career Courses

Jewellery designing is a creative art that combines knowledge of conceptualizing jewellery design and then manufacturing various jewellery products. Many institutes offers Majors, graduate and even online learning programs in jewellery designing.

The study in this field teaches you basic skills like stone cutting, engraving and polishing and testing the quality of precious metals and gems. Special skills like electroplating, metal colouring, anodising, enamelling and stone setting are also taught to students of jewellery designing.

What it takes?
There are no specific personality traits for jewellery designers. One can learn everything while getting trained.
However, you just need a passion for the profession; otherwise there is no way one can learn.
A sense of design is imperative. Precision and attention to detail are also equally important for a successful jeweller. One should be very creative, imaginative and technically sound.
It''s also important to have a working knowledge about manufacturing.
One should be well-versed with the fashion industry on the international front too.

Find Jewelry Courses Online

Develop skills and contact the community art schools, colleges and various craft supply stores. You should inquire about the upcoming jewelry creating classes and maybe consider taking an online course in jewelry. Thirdly, contact a distributor in order for your jewelry to be sold to retailers at wholesale prices. Fourthly, visit different jewelry trade shows and locate the jewelry making tools, supplies and services that are often displayed. Lastly, get the Geological Institute of America certificate, which will indicate that you will have been properly educated in gem identification and grading. The organization is the world's leading authority on colored stones, diamonds and pearls. The certificate will also indicate that it can only be obtained by an attending online or a class on campus. They also have many programs which offers grants and scholarships depending upon the abilities.

Jewelry designing is a good course that requires commitment and general view of life. One needs to be aggressive in the world of art and very creative too. This career entails loving your art with passion because if not, it could lead to bad career decision. In addition to being self employed, one could also work for various other organizations dealing with gems and precious stones. There are several in the US. You can search online or ask various people who are involved in this career field. Get your jewelry design training completed by an approved school and start your research below.

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Top Jwellery Design Schools

  • Sanford-Brown College

    Sanford-Brown can help prepare you for a rewarding career in health and dental care, business, paralegal, criminal justice, Design & Media Arts or information technology.


    > Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design

  • The Art Institutes system of schools

    With an education from an Art Institutes school, imagine what you could create.
    Please Call 855-816-4001 FREE to speak to a customer representative.


    > Fashion Design (BFA)
    > Fashion Design (AS)

  • American InterContinental University

    You’re serious about success. With your busy schedule and the desire to move your career forward, you can earn an accredited associate, bachelors or master’s degree at a pace that works for you anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

    At AIU, the Serious U, you can get in, get moving, and get ahead.


    > Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design

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