Travel Coordinator Class & Online Programs

Take the required courses and becoming a travel coordinator allows you to plan and execute trips for clients. Also known as "travel agents", a travel coordinator can either be self-employed or work for shipping lanes, railroads, and airlines. Basically, they help address any issues associated with vacation or travel needs. To hold this position, it is essential that you pay attention to detail and that you have excellent communication skills (since most of your job will entail dealing with people).

Being a travel coordinator is enjoyable in the sense that you are able to plan and schedules exotic trips for families and give them the best possible rate. In some cases, you may refer them to places where they can receive any necessary vaccinations and passports. In this article, we are going to discuss what it means to be a travel coordinator and how you can go about becoming one.

Travel Coordinator Course Training

A travel coordinator is there to make the lives easier for those individuals or families who are looking to travel. You help them do research on certain destinations, recommend the best deals, and even suggest the best times to leave. Travel coordinators also help clients unite with hotel rooms and even rental car agencies so that there is little worry once they arrive to their destination. Lodging facilities as well as restaurants may also be recommended. Basically, anything which involves making a traveler's day easier is something you would be doing in this profession.

Job Requirements

To become a travel coordinator, taking formal courses is usually required. You can take these classes at community colleges or other vocational institutions. Receiving your bachelor's degree in hospitality management would only increase the chances of being hired by an employer. Being proficient in many different languages is also very helpful and will make you a more valuable asset to travel agencies. Being a travel coordinator also means have a fair amount of knowledge in areas like visas, work permits, and passports.

Salaries and Earning Potentials

The average hourly wage for a travel coordinator hovers around the $15.00-$20.00 mark. This means that an average annual salary would sit right around $40,000- 50,000 per year. However, depending on where you are located and how proficient you are you may make as low as $18,000 and as high as $47,000 per year. One of the most attractive perks about becoming a travel coordinator is that you receive discounted travel packages and in some cases receive free travel expenses.

The future of this career looks promising. It is a very rewarding career which as you already know, offers many amazing benefits. If you are someone who loves traveling and hospitality, then you are perfectly suited for this position. Also, having great communication skills is a must still most of your duties will involve clients. If you can speak a multitude of languages then this helps you even more. Travel coordinator positions are fun, different, and offer the chance for abundant opportunities if you remain persistent. Research any of the travel coordinator classes shown below. Most of the courses you’ll find will be certificate based which means you can typically complete them quicker than a degree granting school.

Top Travel Coordiantor Schools

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  • Ashworth College

    Earn your degree or diploma on your schedule and succeed at Ashworth College.


    > Travel Agent

  • Heald College

    Heald College provides hands-on educational programs that can help students prepare for careers in the healthcare, business, legal and technology fields.


    > Hospitality and Tourism
    > Sales and Marketing
    > Business Administration

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.


    > AAS in Business Administration – Hospitality Management
    > BS in Business Administration – Management
    > AAS in Business Administration
    > AAS in Business Administration – Business
    > BS in Business Administration

  • University of Phoenix

    At University of Phoenix, we believe everyone deserves access to higher education.


    > A.A. Hospitality Fundamentals
    > Graduate Marketing Certificate
    > Doctor of Business Administration
    > M.B.A.
    > B.S. in Business