Anesthesia Technician Schools & Training

Anesthesia technicians help to ensure the current functioning of anesthesia equipment before, during and after surgical procedures. They contribute to safe and efficient anesthesia care by assessing dosages of medications given to patients and supporting the anesthesia provider during the insertion of medical devices. They have an important duty of calibrating electronic equipment and sterilization of anesthesia machinery just before surgery. They also monitor and record the patient's important signs such as heart rhythm, temperature, breathing and blood pressure. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about education, certification and job possibilities to determine if this is the career for you.

The minimum education requirement for entry-level anesthesia technicians is a high school diploma. Courses in math, science and technology may be beneficial in preparing for this career. Some employers prefer to hire technicians who have completed degree programs specifically designed for anesthesia technicians that cover related topics like medical terminology, pharmacology and anesthesia equipment functions. It is recommended that you gain experience, opportunities to gain experience and entry into the field include mentorships, job shadowing and internships. Students can use these opportunities to learn more about a technician's duties and gain hands-on experience in a health care setting.

Anesthesia Technician Technical Training

Some employers prefer to hire technicians who have passed the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT) national certification exam. Currently, this is the only nationally recognized certification for anesthesia technicians. Individuals who pass this examination are referred to as Certified Anesthesia Technicians. In order to take the exam, candidates must have a high school diploma and at least two years of experience, graduated from an ASATT-approved 2-year program or an approved program that offers a clinical component. The certification exam covers topics such as infection control techniques, operating room tasks, and types of anesthesia. Certification is valid for two years. In order to remain certified, anesthesia technicians must complete a minimum amount of continuing education credits.

On an average anesthesia technician receives an hourly wage ranging from between $ 13.59 - $29.8 per houR. In addition, bonus ranging from $294.70 - $5,087 will be credited to his/her account. In fact, an anesthesia technician receives his or her annual earrings ranging from $29,838 - $80,053.

Based on percentile, the median salary of 90th percentile of anesthesia technician has been around $44,075 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of anesthesia technician revived around $39,644, 25th percentile of them received $30,342 while 10th percentile received $26,303 per annum.

Some of the best paying for anesthesia technician in United States are California $40,912, Michigan $35,889, Missouri $33,889, New York $34,843 and Chicago $36,173

Working in the surgical environment is really an exciting career, the career field of anesthesia technologist is said to be growing. You can become an anesthesia technologist while enjoying a fun and fulfilling job in the medical industry. It is all a matter of being energetic and loving the medical field, which is a very demanding career.

You can browse through the list below to get information on scholarships & financial aid. Please note that application periods and deadlines vary, contact the organization offering the scholarship for more details. Get started on your anesthesia technician education today!

Top Anesthesia Technician Schools

  • City College

    City College of Florida is focused on providing the best in business and career education.


    > Anesthesia Technology
    > Surgical Technology

  • Berkeley College

    The Berkeley Advantage®is part of a proven approach to career-focused education that can help students prepare for success.


    > Certificate in Patient Care Technician
    > AAS , Surgical Technologist
    > Certificate , Surgical Processing Tech

  • Everest University

    Career-focused education designed to help you get the job you deserve.


    > Radiologic Technology
    > Surgical Technologist

  • Star Career Academy

    Star Career Academy – the career school of choice. What makes us unique, and unlike other trade schools, is the dedication of our staff to provide performance-based occupational training.


    > Surgical Technology
    > Dialysis Technician

  • Carrington College

    Welcome to Carrington College – The Starting Point for Health Care Careers.


    > Medical Radiography

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