Career in health information management

Health information management is used to manage the health information of patients in a secure manner. A patient file is a record of that individual's treatments, notes, observations, previous medical history, and laboratory test results among much more. Such a record is of utmost importance in order to provide healthcare of the highest quality. Health information technicians are the ones responsible for organizing these patient records. Such technicians ensure the patient fills out the correct forms. The information is then entered into a computer and is saved to the clinic or hospital data management system. Health information technicians also interact with doctors to ensure all the information stored on a patientís record is accurate. As the emphasis on improving the national healthcare system increases, the demand for health information technology professionals will also rise.

There are 3 different degree level programs to select from when choosing the Health Information Management Degree. There are presently 48 Bachelor's Degree programs, 195 Associate Degree programs, and 5 Master's Degree programs offered in the United States, according to AHIMA or the American Health Information Management Association. As a student advances in every level, he or she gets an opportunity to learn more about managing health information. This makes them better qualified to serve as an executive supervising technician, a health information administrator or manager.

During the course of a health information technology degree, a student learns health data statistics, structure and content. Pharmacology, medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology are also taught to familiarize students with all the terms they will come across in their patient and doctor dealings. Knowledge of disease coding and classification systems is also learned by students. At the undergraduate level, health information technology colleges also teach health information analysis, along with fiscal analysis and health informatics. At the Masterís level, a graduate student is required to learn how to manage and analyze data more effectively. Courses taught at this level cover the areas of database management, information security and data analysis. PhD students take their knowledge of health information technology into the realms of research and theory.

Any place where health care information is gathered and analyzed is a potential work environment for a health information technology graduate. Professionals in this field can be found working in clinics, hospitals, law firms, government agencies, insurance companies, consultancies and at research firms. Clinical coders and data collection specialists are some of the roles available to health information technology graduates. A career in health information technology may lead to jobs such as health information director, data quality manager, clinical research associate, informatics researcher and public health information manager. You can embark upon an exciting career after graduating from a program at one of many health information technology colleges.

The list of top colleges below will help you in finding the best and affordable program for yourself.

Top Health Information Management Schools

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.


    > MS in Nursing – Informatics
    > Master of Health Informatics
    > AAS in Health Information Technology

  • Kaplan University – KHE

    Get a professional education designed with your future in mind at Kaplan University.


    > Master of Health Informatics
    > Associate of Applied Science: Health Information Technology
    > Master of Health Information Management
    > Bachelor of Science: Health Information Management

  • Grand Canyon University

    Earn your degree online with Grand Canyon University. We offer approximately 100 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in a variety of fields that can be completed 100% online.


    > M.S. in Nursing: Health Care Informatics
    > M.S. in Health Care Informatics

  • University of Cincinnati Online

    Work toward your degree online with University of Cincinnati Online


    > Master of Health Informatics

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