Massage Therapy Class Requirements

Massage therapy has a rich history all over the globe with variations in the method in every corner of the world. In various states of America, massage therapy is regarded as a part of complementary and alternative medicine. The profession of massage therapy has gained popularity over the past two decades and is playing a vital role in the area of preventive health, fitness and psychological wellness.

Massage therapy helps improve blood circulation through long smooth strokes and movements, focusing on various muscles using massage oils. It helps relax muscle tension, removes stiffness in joints and muscles, relaxes pain, reduces stress and aids general wellness. With the general awareness of massage therapy benefits, the profession has become more popular. More and more massage therapy clinics are being established and demanding therapy experts. For those of you looking for an in-demand profession, massage therapy is the field to choose. Numerous specialized Massage Therapy Schools have been formed alongside existing institutes offering degree programs in massage therapy. Alongside the above mentioned campus-based Massage Therapy Schools, there are numerous online schools for massage therapy offering massage therapy degree programs.

Massage Therapy Course

In order to begin your work as a massage therapist you will need to complete your classroom training and practice. Most states require 500 600 hours before they consider a student prepared for employment. Upon completing these classroom and practice hours, a student can also choose to take the state board certification exam. While this is not required, it often makes finding a job much easier. It also makes a job candidate more appealing to the potential employer. Occasionally, some agencies or companies offer apprenticeships. In a situation where a student is able to secure one such apprenticeship, he or she would not have to complete the classroom training and practice requirements.

Massage therapist schools cover a vast range of courses in their diploma, associate, certificate, bachelor and master's degrees. These degree programs may take from 6 months up to 5 years for completion, and depending on the degree program may take even shorter and longer than that. A few core courses offered at their various massage therapy schools in their degree programs include: massage history and theory, massage techniques and practice, ethics, communication, kinesiology, physiology and study of organs and tissues.

Various specializations offered include, deep tissue massage, expectant mother massage, infant massage, sports massage and medical massage. Accreditations for massage therapist schools are done by the state's local governments. However, for you to be a certified massage therapist in US, you will need to pass the certification examination and than be allowed to practice as per laws of United States. These certification tests are formulated by the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination and/or the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Massage therapy employment opportunities are available at various places like medical offices, salons & spas, health clubs, hospitals, private practices, malls, hotels, senior healthcare facilities and many more. You can work as a/an independent Massage Therapist, Massage Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Holistic Skin Care Specialist, Colonic Therapist or Reflexologist.

Find an affordable massage therapy class online or at a campus near you.

Top massage Therapy Schools

  • Carrington College

    Welcome to Carrington College – The Starting Point for Health Care Careers.


    > Massage Therapy

  • Everest University

    Career-focused education designed to help you get the job you deserve.


    > Massage Therapy

  • National Holistic Institute

    At National Holistic Institute, our history and network of relationships in the field continue to help our graduates succeed. With campuses across California, we offer a comprehensive massage therapy training program that prepares our graduates for a successful career in massage therapy. Whether you are looking to start your career or take it to the next level, NHI has a program for you.


    > Massage Therapy/Therapist

  • American Institute

    Get started on your career at American Institute.


    > Massage Therapy

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