Medical Administrative Assistant Training Courses

If you have always wanted to make a career for yourself in the medical and healthcare industry but not in the traditional role of doctor, physician or surgeon, then you may wish to explore medical assisting programs. Medical assistants play an important role in the healthcare industry. They perform clinical and administrative tasks at clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. There are a variety of medical assistant roles available including ultrasound technicians, dental assistants, radiologists and medical facility managers. There are various medical assisting programs to choose from depending on the particular area you wish to make a career in. You can pick from a wide range of affordable programs for nurses, x-ray technicians, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacy technicians and many more.

Medical assistants can be employed at physicians' offices, hospitals, chiropractic clinics and at other healthcare facilities. In a smaller healthcare facility, medical assistants may handle a variety of different tasks, whereas at a larger facility medical assistants may find a more specialized role. Administrative medical assistants and clinical medical assistants will have different job responsibilities. Those assisting on the administrative side may handle accounting, bookkeeping, appointments scheduling, insurance forms filling and so on.

In most states, there are no set educational prerequisites for becoming a medical assistant. However, a few states may require assistants to graduate from an accredited program, successfully clear an exam, perform various advanced medical tasks, such as administering and taking injections and x rays etc. In some cases students acquire a high school diploma or equivalent to apply for medical assistant positions in hopes of learning their duties and responsibilities on the job.

Maedical Administrative Degree

If you wish to work as a medical office assistant, the best option is to choose one of the many general medical assisting programs available to get the training you will require. Most medical offices prefer to employ someone with a certificate, diploma or Associate degree in the area. These programs may range between 1 2 years in duration, though may also take a shorter or longer period of time. Medical assisting programs require students to learn about both the medical and administrative side of a healthcare facility. Follow the list of top colleges below to find more about scholarships, financial aid and choose an affordable medical assisting program or a campus-based setting depending on your personal requirements.

Top Medical Administrative Assistant Schools

  • Lincoln College of Technology

    Get a hands-on, job-specific education at Lincoln College of Technology.


    > Medical Office Management

  • Pima Medical Institute

    Explore a new career with Pima Medical Institute.


    > Medical Administrative Assistant

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.


    > AAS in Medical Office Management
    > BS in Health Information Management
    > BS in Health Science
    > BS in Health Care Administration
    > Master of Health Information Management

  • Beckfield College

    Explore a new direction in life with Beckfield College.


    > Occupational Diploma: Medical Office Assistant

  • Hunter Business School

    Hunter Business School offers a wide variety of courses to earn your degree or diploma in computer training, medical engineering, and business related courses.

    Hunter offers you all the amenities of a large school, but in a small environment close to home for the Long Island resident.


    > Medical Office Administration

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