Pet Grooming Schools & Training

A Pet Grooming Certificate is an ideal choice for someone who loves animals and enjoys working with them. Pet grooming is part of the service industry where pets are cleaned, groomed and looked after by qualified professionals in order to decrease chances of health problems and reduce external parasite infestations. A pet groomer also helps the owner form a closer bond with their pet by giving them useful tips. It gives the owner an opportunity to understand its behavior and habits. Pet Grooming is one of the emerging industries in the United States. Pet owners all over the country (rural and urban areas) are turning to experts for information and advice. If this sounds exciting to you, then look at the details below to find an affordable program and get started with an exciting career.

Pet Grooming Training Programs

A professional pet groomer is someone who does a lot more than simply helping domestic pets look and smell nice. They actually play a vital role in helping the animals who come into their shape avoid certain health issues like tooth decay, ear infection, and other skin abnormalities. In a way, a pet groomer is preventing health issues from escalating to the point where the animal would require serious medical attention. In most cases, most pet groomers own their own shop and manage their own salon with the help of a few employees. However, even if you arenít interested in operating your own small-business then this doesnít mean that this career doesnít offer a lot of opportunities. Pet groomers are also likely to become employed by animal hospitals, veterinarians, and even animal shelters. You will be able to work in exciting and fast-paced environments if you decide to become a pet groomer.

How to Become a Pet Groomer

Online degree programs are proving to be quite popular among prospective students. With the internet readily available, students have the convenience of choosing from a wide variety of courses offered online. Online courses are comparatively more affordable than normal campus-based courses, as well as being more flexible with regards to module selection and deliverables. This gives students an increased opportunity to study and understand the subject at their own pace and convenience. Online pet grooming classes are ideal for students who are already working or are based out of their home and are thinking about starting their own business.

The course has an extensive syllabus covering every subject in detail. Students are required to have a computer system with internet availability, a valid e mail address for correspondence and a webcam for one-on-one coaching sessions. Live demonstrations are part of the curriculum where the students will witness various techniques and tools used in pet grooming. The course includes grooming basics to more advanced diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Pet Grooming Courses and Salary Info

A person intending to become a become a pet groomer needs to be compassionate towards animals. It is important that aspiring pet groomers are comfortable with animals and can work with them day in and day out. This industry has a good future for any professional willing to commit. According to O*NET, this sector is going to see an increase of up to 28% within the 2010 to 2020 period, with pet groomers making a median wage of $19,690 per year as of 2012.

Top Pet Grooming Schools

  • Pima Medical Institute

    Explore a new career with Pima Medical Institute.


    > Veterinary Technician
    > Veterinary Assistant

  • Carrington College

    Welcome to Carrington College – The Starting Point for Health Care Careers.


    > Veterinary Assisting

  • Ross Medical Education Centers

    Get allied health training with Ross Medical Education Center.


    > Veterinary Assistant

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