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As a child, did you want to hit the winning home run and hear adoring fans cheering for you? Or score the winning touchdown in an NFL Super Bowl game? Or was it the likes of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson that inspired you? Many dream of becoming sports stars while growing up. Unfortunately very few of us achieve the level of physical excellence required. Luckily there are other ways to get into the sporting arena. A large number of sports management colleges and universities offer degrees that arm you with the knowledge of both sports and business, opening up avenues leading to a career in sports.

Sports Manager School Programs

Sports management is the application of business principles in sport settings. Students of sports management learn to apply fundamental concepts of finance, marketing and management to sports organizations. Students may learn to apply legal principles to sports organizations as well. Those who are looking into administration, marketing or management of sport programs are pursuing college-level degrees in sports management. Sports managers can work almost anywhere including professional leagues, sporting companies, and even academic institutions.

Other Obligations

Depending on whom the client is a sports manager will be required to handle different tasks. Some simply focus on maintaining the mental and physical health of their client while others go as far as taking care of daily tasks like handling interpersonal relationships and control their diet. Basically, the sports manager is the person who represents the client and is there to protect their image. They must help the client maintain a well-balanced and organized life so that he or she is able to perform optimally when the time comes.
In regards to a team sports manager, duties are very different. When you work with an organization, youíll probably receive a higher sum of pay but this also means that the workload will increase as well. Your job in this case would be to ensure that the organization is running smoothly and that their image is being preserved in a positive manner. Sports managers for teams may book hotels for teams who travel and even keep a harmonious balance between the number of employees and players in the organization.

Sports Management Courses & Training

Sports management colleges offer degrees at the undergraduate and the graduate levels. Online Masters degrees related to sports management provide the opportunity of further education to those professionals who are unable to pause their careers. Whether you plan on pursuing a Bachelorís or a Masterís, a sports management degree can kickstart your career in the sports industry.
While some sports management colleges offer a purely Sports Management degree, others offer further specializations such as Sports Psychology or Sports and Recreation Management. Some colleges and universities offer programs specialized to particular sports such as golf.
Students also have the option of pursuing Certificate programs at sports management colleges. Those who already have an undergraduate degree and want a specialized degree without having to go through a Masterís program can take advantage of Certificate programs.

A sports management degree will give you the option of choosing from a wide range of careers in the sports industry in the areas of business, management, psychology, law and much more. Sports management college degrees will ensure you can run a sports business or department and become a professional working at places such as health and fitness clubs. A Sports Psychology degree, also related to sports management, can unlock opportunities in the area of coaching. This involves using psychology to increase playersí motivation and ensure players achieve their maximum potential. Sports management can lead to careers as executives in sports marketing, or as agents or managers for players and teams, among much more.
Sports management is a field that combines various disciplines including accounting, psychology, law, management and marketing. The vast size of the sports industry and the broadness of a sports management degree ensures that you have a world of options open to you.

Every student has different requirements. This could be due to the course content, the cost- whether or not financial aid, grants or scholarships are available. Our college finder tool, on this website, can help you find the program that is best suited to you. The colleges we feature offer some of the very best fitness degrees online.

Top Sports Management Schools

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.


    > AAS in Business Administration – Health Club Operations

  • Full Sail University – Online

    Learning at Full Sail University has always centered around interaction and the exchange of ideas. Our online curriculum fully embraces this philosophy.


    > Entertainment Business Master’s Degree with Sports Management Electives (Online)

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