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Some people have a way with children. Some have a way with sports. And others have a way with drawing. But there are a select few who have discovered that they have a way with words, and no matter what the message or the need, they can find the appropriate words for communicating it. Humans resent the fact that they are not supercomputers. With computers, you can take one file, download it directly to another computer, and the exact same data from the first computer is now present in the second. We cannot do this with our thoughts. We cannot download that inexpressible-yet-essential idea that we have directly into someone else’s mind. But we do have words. In fact, words are the best things we have to communicate our messages. So if someone does not have a way with words, they lack that all-empowering force to effectively communicate their messages to someone else. This is why writers – and freelance writers, in particular – fill in an essential gap in society..

Freelancwe wRITING Career Information

Freelance work typically means that there are nearly limitless ways for your craft to be utilized by others. You do not necessarily have a specific job, boss, or office, but rather your talents with language are contracted out to others for specified tasks, time periods, and payments. The biggest benefit to being a freelance writer is that you can decide the types of writing assignments you do, and the only person you have to answer to is the one that you decide to let hire you. This privilege, however, also comes with the obligation that you continually write – the more you write, the more you earn, but the less you write, the less you earn. This obligation may sometimes lead to you taking on jobs that you are not necessarily as excited or qualified to do.

The most common type of work freelance writers will find themselves performing is in producing written content for organizations or businesses in their newsletters, advertisements, magazines, or news organizations. Many freelance writers compose fiction or non-fiction books, or contribute content to scripts, newspaper columns, or magazine articles. And one of the prominent and growing areas for freelance writers is the internet – the world wide web is indeed still wide open and requires fresh, invigorating content; articles, website content, emails, blogs, and rewritten content are all areas in high demand for writers.

Although freelance writing means that you have short, specified assignments, when your writing is well-received by your clients it is common to have recurring jobs. Sometimes freelance writers will be hired by contract by an organization looking to harness a writer’s talents for a specified period of time. Other times, clients with many different needs may use a freelance writer for a short project as a trial, and hire them for a longer term project if the initial test proved successful. Freelance writers provide both a product and a service – since writing is such an important but subjective skill, they are normally hired based on their quality, style, and speed of producing content.

The world relies on writers who can creatively take their thoughts and others’ thoughts, compose them into words, and arrange in ways that are informative and powerful. As long as people need to communicate, as long as the internet needs content and the newspapers need articles, there will be a need for talented freelance writers. While being self-employed might initially be slow and uncertain, with enough success, your business will steadily grow and your way with words will continue to increase in potency. Find freelance writing courses below. Many of the courses will lead to a certificate program which is a great and quick way to receive your training.

Top Freelance Writing Schools

  • Full Sail University – Online

    Learning at Full Sail University has always centered around interaction and the exchange of ideas. Our online curriculum fully embraces this philosophy.


    > Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts (Online)
    > Creative Writing for Entertainment, Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Grand Canyon University

    Earn your degree online with Grand Canyon University. We offer approximately 100 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in a variety of fields that can be completed 100% online.


    > B.A. in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting

  • DeVry University

    Career-focused education for real‐world results.


    > Bachelor’s – Business Administration – Technical Communication

  • Tiffin University

    Founded in 1888, Tiffin University is proud to offer a personal and practical education for motivated, professionally focused students who want real-world experiences and results.
    For more information call now 844-867-2370.


    > Master of Humanities: Creative Writing

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