Libral Arts Degree Programs

The field of liberal arts is extremely broad and includes instruction in areas such as classic literature, art history, philosophy and languages. The term liberal arts is often used interchangeably with liberal studies, the humanities and liberal sciences. Programs are available at the associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels. Some associate's programs in liberal arts or liberal studies specifically prepare students for transfer to 4-year bachelor's programs. Degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels may allow students to choose concentrations from a large pool of subjects, like visual arts or women's studies.

Degree programs in the liberal arts, humanities and general studies cover a variety of topics and are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Many are available partially or totally online. Sometimes, the terms 'general studies' and 'liberal arts' are used interchangeably or combined in a single program title, referred to as 'liberal studies'. The curriculum of these programs covers multiple subjects, including the sciences, literature, arts, math, public speaking, history, philosophy and public speaking. Some may allow students to concentrate their studies on areas such as business, teaching or graphic design.

Liberal arts education is just one of the many parts of the overall college level curriculum that is taught at the university and college level. A Liberal arts education is essential and plays a very important part in developing philosophers, historians, educators and general thinkers. Many of the students that are pursuing other professional degrees prefer to have a minor in one of the liberal arts education subjects so that they have a broader understanding of cultures and values. Most colleges and universities across the nation also promote their liberal arts education program by allowing their students to visit different cultures. Liberal arts students get to travel and work with different cultures and groups to better comprehend the value of history, culture, and the general behavior of communities.

The main reason behind pursuing a liberal arts education is to have a broader understanding of the cultures, literature, history and philosophy that have carved the paths of our society. Hundreds and thousands of great philosophers, historians, mathematicians, and thinkers throughout the US have contributed to the wealth of a liberal arts education. People have contributed their thoughts and writings to further enhance the understanding of cultures and communities. Information that is imparted during the liberal arts education is extremely important and plays a key role in generating individuals who have a deeper understanding of the differences between various cultures.

During the course of a liberal arts program, students learn about subjects related to human culture and behavior. Courses in history, geography, sociology and anthropology are offered. Science subjects including biology, chemistry and physics are also learned by students of a liberal arts program. These students also develop skills related to language, writing and communication. With the wide range of subjects on offer during the course of a liberal arts degree, students build up a wide range of knowledge in a multitude of areas. Graduates of a liberal arts program can form careers in education, communication and business. Jobs in teaching, writing and administration can be potential roles for liberal arts experts.

Below is a detailed list of affordable programs, do your research and start your liberal arts today.

Top Liberal Arts Schools

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.


    > BS in Liberal Studies
    > BS in Liberal Studies Leadership
    > CCAF- General Education Mobile (GEM) (Military Only)
    > CCAF – Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AUABC) (Military Only)
    > BS in Psychology – Applied Behavior Analysis Emphasis Area

  • University of Phoenix

    At University of Phoenix, we believe everyone deserves access to higher education.


    > B.S. in Liberal Studies
    > A. A.with a concentration in General Studies
    > B.S. in History
    > B.A. in English

  • Kaplan University – KHE

    Get a professional education designed with your future in mind at Kaplan University.


    > Bachelor of Science: Liberal Studies

  • Argosy University

    Welcome to Argosy University

    Argosy University offers doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degree programs to students through its eight colleges: College of Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School of Business and Management, College of Education, College of Health Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Creative Arts and Design, College of Clinical Psychology and Western State College of Law at Argosy University as well as certificate programs in many areas.


    > Liberal Arts (BA) (Online)

  • Brandman University

    Take a new step in your education with Brandman University.


    > BA in Liberal Studies (Integrated California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential)
    > BA in Liberal Studies with Multiple Subj Teaching Emphasis
    > BA in Social Science

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