General Studies Degree Courses

All students study general subjects till their high school such as subjects related to mathematics, sciences, literature, history, etc. After high school, students usually decide what career they want to pursue in their lives and major in subjects related to that choice in their college. However, some people have difficulty deciding on a discipline that interests them so they can opt for general studies even in college. Many colleges have first-rate programs in general studies that are not only ideal for students still looking for a goal but also for adult students coming back to their education after a hiatus. These adult students can either be working professionals or people with families; all of them have extensive options in front of them while continuing education in general education. They can opt for science related subjects or liberal arts fields of study; moreover, programs for certificate in general education are especially tailored to offer convenience to people with busy schedules. With evening, weekend, distance-learning classes, programs for certificate of general education are extremely student friendly.

General Studies Degree

Most of the programs leading to certificate of general education degrees require a high school diploma. However, allowance is given to veterans or people with family responsibilities in the form of the General Education Development (GED) tests. Many schools have excellent on-campus and online training programs that help adult students without a high school diploma in preparing for GED tests. Armed with a GED score or a high school diploma, students can pursue several types of programs in certificate in general education. They can either opt for associate or bachelor level programs in general studies or enroll in courses related to literature, history, mathematics, basic sciences, etc. and enhance their general education skills.

Online Geneal Studies Courses

General studies is a fitting major for students who are ready to attend college, but not ready to commit to a specific course of studies. Most programs allow students to attend classes for two years without making a specific commitment, and some schools even allow students to complete a full bachelor's degree program in general studies (BGS).In general studies degree programs, most students take courses in literature, history, philosophy and social sciences as well as art, mathematics, and the natural sciences. General studies students can pursue any number of careers and graduate programs after completing the program and may end up working as administrative services managers, correctional officers or even funeral directors, among other possibilities.

People with certificate in general education degrees are definitely preferred in jobs over people with lesser education as general education broadens the thinking styles of people. Moreover, these people can work as teachers in schools and colleges after passing the relevant teacher licensing exams as with a wide range of skills in general education, they can teach diverse subjects to their students..

Top General Studies Schools

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  • University of Phoenix

    At University of Phoenix, we believe everyone deserves access to higher education.


    > A.A. in General Studies
    > Single Courses – Humanities
    > Single Courses – Sciences

  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.


    > CCAF- General Education Mobile (GEM) (Military Only)
    > CCAF – Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AUABC)
    (Military Only)
    > BS in Liberal Studies
    > BS in Liberal Studies Leadership

  • Florida Technical College

    Your rewarding career in Health Care, Technology, or Programming begins at Florida Technical College.


    > Interdisciplinary Studies – Associate Degree

  • Colorado Technical University

    CTU can connect you to a powerful professional network, real-world faculty and innovative technology.


    > Denver – Associate of Science – General Studies

  • Keiser University Campus

    Keiser University offers degrees in fields that are in demand and provides job placement assistance to all its students and alumni.


    >Associate of Arts in General Studies via ground and online delivery

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