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The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Although the 2nd Amendment resides at the center of controversy regarding the extent to which ordinary citizens should be allowed to have their own firearms, the reality of the matter is that guns play an essential role in modern society. Whether for law enforcement, military purposes, personal protection, or any other of a range of uses, people want guns, and guns need people to make them. Attending a gunsmithing school and earning a degree in gunsmithing will equip you with the skills and qualifications necessary to produce and prepare firearms. Find the best gunsmithing courses below to get started.

There exists a surprising variety of career and job opportunities for an individual with gunsmith training. The most common jobs require repairing or modifying firearms to customer specifications. In doing so, a gunsmith might adapt a current firearm to the unique needs of the hiring customer, such as updating an older firearm into a more current model with modern capabilities or performing restoration services on an antique firearm. Hand tools and machines are both used to accomplish these tasks, including grinders, planers, and millers.

Gunsmithing Class Training

The two main areas of employment for a gunsmith include working for a gun manufacturer or working at a sporting goods store that sells and repairs firearms for customers. At a gun manufacturer's, the gunsmith will create guns with tools and machines according to the blueprint specifications. This might require the repetitive production over and over of the same model, or could include the creative specifications of a variety of models to suit the manufacturer’s or customers’ needs. At a sporting goods store, a gunsmith won’t focus on producing firearms as much as selling and repairing them. Customers with broken, worn, or outdated guns might bring them to get repairs performed and brought back into working condition.

There are also opportunities for gunsmith's to be self-employed. Although not as popular or lucrative an option, a gunsmith can independently recruit clients and offer services for producing or modifying firearms. Gunsmiths are also knowledgeable on the use of guns, and they can provide training services at their own range or at independent locations for customers interested in obtaining weapon proficiency. Gunsmiths can also serve as consultants for gun design and repair companies.

Online Gunsmithing Courses

The country has a relatively steady opportunity for gunsmith careers. There are not many citizens with proficiency in handling, repairing, or creating firearms, so the special knowledge and expertise offered by a gunsmith will always be required to some degree. The more experience you have, and the better reputation you have, the more opportunity you have for finind success either as a candidate for a job or as an independent gunsmithing business owner. The typically route of courses required to complete gunsmith training include woodworking, metalworking, and technical drawing. Other courses dealing with the use of machines, ballistics, and metallurgy help provide the background information necessary for creating the perfect weapons. So raise your sights high and take aim – you could hit your targeted career if you pull the trigger on getting the right training!

Top Gunsmithing Schools

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