CDL & Truck Driving Schools

As long as there are products which need to reach consumers, there will be short and long-distance truck drivers. With the proper training, this is a career which offers plenty of advancement opportunities. Whatever the size of the shipment may be or where it is going, truck drivers make this happen on a day-to-day basis. In some cases, you can start your own trucking business and become self-employed. All that is required is that you earn your CDL (Commercial Driving License) as well as receive formal training at an accredited truck driving school.

CDL Schools

The job of a truck driver is to deliver goods from one point to another. The length of a trip can range anywhere from a few miles to several thousand and the truckload is always changing. Drivers in this industry are ultimately responsible for making sure that consumers or other stores receive their goods. Whenever you leave a destination, you need to utilize your inspection skills to make sure that your vehicle is functioning properly on all levels. You will be required to check to make sure that the cargo is secure as well as make sure that gas levels and other safety equipment is ready to go.

Type Of Truck Driver

There are two kinds of truck drivers: tractor-trailer drivers and delivery truck drivers. Each of their responsibilities is similar to a degree, as you will discover. Tractor-trailer truck drivers tend to maneuver vehicles which are at least 25,000 pounds. You would end up transporting anything from cars all the way to animals. Drivers who specialize in this department often have cabs in their trucks to sleep in because these kinds of trips can take days to complete. While most of your time will be spent behind the wheel of a truck, you may also have to help in loading and unloading it.

Delivery service truck drivers specialize in driving vehicles which weigh less than 26,000 pounds. Most of these drivers are usually employed by UPS or Fed Ex. Since these trips are a lot shorter, most are not responsible for loading and unloading trucks and usually end up staying within their home base. Staying away from home for long periods of time is highly unlikely in this department. Unlike a large duty truck driver, short distance operators should have excellent customer skills since they will inevitably end up dealing with customers.

Online CDL Training

Earning your CDL and becoming a truck driver means that you can expect to earn between $20 and $35 per hour. Your level of experience as well as where you are employed will determine where on this scale you fall. In general, drivers who handle freight and other large items will make more money than local drivers. If you perform jobs successfully, there is a huge chance for higher paying jobs as well as other advancement opportunities. Find truck driving schools below and learn to be a truck driver.

Top Truck Driving Schools

  • Vatterott College

    Vatterott College is dedicated to providing students opportunities to gain the hands-on skills necessary to achieve their educational goals.


    > Commerical Drivers License

  • Fortis Institute

    At Fortis Institute, you may get the skills and training you need to prepare for a career.

    * Programs vary by location

    * Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information


    > Advanced Tractor Trailer

  • Yuma Truck Driving School

    Yuma Truck Driving School trains students to not only pass their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test, but to become the kind of professional driver that companies seek. It’s what we’ve done for years, and it’s why our graduates are working for many of the nations top over-the-road carriers as well as regional and local companies.

    Yuma Truck Driving School employs only experienced drivers as instructors. These dedicated professionals receive on-going training in various teaching techniques to ensure the hundreds of students we train each year receive a first-rate education.


    > CDL Driver Training Program – 80 Clock Hours
    > Commercial Truck Driver Program – 310 Clock Hours

  • CDS Tractor Trailer Training

    Start your rewarding career in trucking at CDS Tractor Training School.


    > Class “B” Training and Bus Training
    > Class “A” Training

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