Game Design is a Little-Known Art that of Designing a Game System

In order to create a game that will arouse passion and interest, designers must master a wide range of techniques and tools. Therefore, game designers are sometimes called to be engineers, sometimes mathematicians, at other times they must be story tellers, but they always need to be communicators within their team. They should always be flowing with the essence of yesterday's games so that they can have a clear vision for those of tomorrow. They are responsible for the player's entertainment. They must ensure that players face amazing and exclusive challenges. Actually, game designers are artists!

Game design includes writing the game concept and setting up a system of rules. It defines the player's interactions with the game's objects and characters.

Game Design School Information

Many individuals think that game design is limited to creating video games for consoles and PCs. While this is frequently one of the more popular and exciting applications - and who wouldn't want to be a part in creative the next game the world gets addicted to? - There are also a wide variety of other opportunities inside of the game design career world. For example, the U.S. Department of Defense relies heavily on individuals who can competently design military simulations to train soldiers, pilots, and sailors. Imagine being part of creating simulations that train America's next generation of soldier; the quality of your imagination and virtual scene-building talents contribute to guaranteeing America's soldiers remain the best in the world

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Top Art Schools

  • Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

    Work towards your degree online with Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design


    > BFA – Fine Art
    > Bachelor of Fine Arts – Illustration
    > BFA – Game Art
    > Bachelor of Fine Arts – Animation
    > BFA – Animation (2D)

  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division

    Helping creative minds bring their ideas to life.


    > Digital Workflow (C)
    > Studio Photography (C)
    > Portrait Photography (C)
    > Digital Photography (BS)
    > Digital Photography (AS)

  • University of Phoenix

    At University of Phoenix, we believe everyone deserves access to higher education


    > BS in Communication/Journalism

  • The Art Institutes system of schools

    With an education from an Art Institute School, imagine what could you create


    > Digital Photography (BFA)
    > Game Art & Design (BFA)
    > Media Arts and Animation (BFA)
    > Design & Media Management (MA)

  • Harrington College of Design

    Design your future at Harrington College of Design


    > Digital Photography
    > Graphic Design

First, choose themes that parallel your classroom focus or writing a research paper appeal to your individual student

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