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Top Campus Schools

  • Intercoast Colleges

    Get your career started with Intercoast Colleges.


    > Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies

  • University of Phoenix

    At University of Phoenix, we believe everyone deserves access to higher education.


    > BS in Criminal Justice Administration – Cybercrimes
    > Master of Health Administration/Informatics
    > Master of Health Administration
    > BS in Communication/Marketing and Sales Communication
    > BS in Business/Public Sector

  • Pima Medical Institute

    Explore a new career with Pima Medical Institute.


    > Medical Administrative Assistant
    > Pharmacy Technician
    > Dental Assistant
    > Occupational Therapy Assistant
    > Veterinary Technician

  • Carrington College

    Welcome to Carrington College – The Starting Point for Health Care Careers.


    > Medical Assisting
    > Dental Assisting
    > Pharmacy Technology
    > Medical Billing and Coding
    > Physical Therapy Technology

  • San Joaquin Valley College

    San Joaquin Valley College is an accredited private junior college committed to the professional success of its students and graduates.

    Founded in 1977, SJVC has campuses located throughout California-including an Online division and offers a variety of accelerated Certificate and Associate of Science degree programs in the business, medical and technical fields.

    Students benefit from a balance of classroom instruction and real-world experience, learning the skills they need to go straight to work in today’s competitive job market.


    > Respiratory Therapy
    > Dental Hygiene
    > Criminal Justice: Corrections
    > Medical Assistant
    > Industrial Maintenance Technology

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